This is what’s behind the Coinlist hype

24. März 2021 0 Comments

Casper – the new Flow? This is what’s behind the Coinlist hype

The pre-sale of Casper Token (CSPR) has been a resounding success for CasperLabs, the company behind the new Proof of Stake Blockchain. But now a lawsuit could pour water on the project.

As we all know, names are only smoke and mirrors until someone puts a trademark on them. This is exactly what the blockchain start-up CasperLabs, based in Zug, Switzerland, has done with „Casper“. Casper is the name of a new proof-of-stake blockchain with a Bitcoin Loophole focus on enterprise customers. At the same time, Casper is the name of a protocol that is supposed to ensure finality of transactions in the proof-of-stake process of Ethereum 2.0. The confusion becomes perfect when you take into account that Vlad Zamfir, one of the key developers of Casper, worked for CasperLabs from February to March 2019.

However, this very fact is the reason for the legal battle that is looming between Zamfir and CasperLabs. Zamfir sued CasperLabs last week. The accusation: CasperLabs had advertised too much with its name and image and had also appropriated the name Casper for itself. This, in turn, fostered the misunderstanding that Zamfir would support CasperLabs‘ Casper Blockchain. In addition, CasperLabs had violated Californian competition law by registering Casper as a trademark.

Zamfir is now not only demanding damages because he sees his reputation in danger. In addition, the Ethereum developer wants CasperLabs to lose the rights to the CASPER trademark.

CasperLabs „vehemently“ denied the allegations to the news portal Forbes

CasperLabs is proud of its innovation and will not shy away from this legal battle. We have a duly registered trademark on „CASPER“ in the US and will shortly be responding to Mr Zamfir’s lawsuit in court,

the company is quoted as saying by Forbes, not without promoting the presale of CSPR tokens, which began on 23 March. Meanwhile, it is turning out to be one of the biggest hypes in coinlist presale history – undimmed by the complicated legal disputes.

Casper (CSPR): More in demand than toilet paper before lockdowns

For on 22 March, the first tranche of CSPR tokens was auctioned to users of the ICO platform CoinList. The presale has been met with an enormously large response. More than 100,000 investors hit the servers of the ICO portal CoinList – most of them came away empty-handed due to the limited contingent, although they spent hours in online queues to invest between 100 and 1,000 US dollars at the token price of 0.015 US dollars on the occasion of Option 1 after all. Some vented about it on Twitter – where else.

I hope your blockchain works better than the CoinList pre-sale: it was the worst experience I’ve ever had in the crypto environment. Absolutely frustrating and disgusting!
An irritated would-be CSPR investor on Twitter

Looking at CoinList’s past presales reveals why the queue was so long. Many projects sold on Coinlist have seen significant price increases. The most recent example: the Flow Blockchain from CryptoKitties developers Dapper Labs. In October 2020, the FLOW token was on presale for USD 0.1 – now FLOW is trading beyond the USD 25 mark. The enormous growth has made early entrants rich, which is why the crypto space is hungry for a repeat.